Futures Trading Competition Winners - Binance Kol Affiliate Event 2023💙🚀

🎉 Celebrate the Victories of the Binance KOL Event Futures Trading Challenge!


💙 We are thrilled to declare the triumphant duo from our ranks, Mr. Ashan Yasiru and Mr. Gayan Abeyrathne, who clinched the 1st and 2nd positions, respectively, in this exciting crypto trading showdown in Sri Lanka🚀


In this electrifying competition, every contender was generously endowed with a $10,000 crypto trading account courtesy of the Binance team. The mission? To amplify their crypto portfolios within a nail-biting 24-hour window. Victory hinged on the bottom line of profits and losses when the clock struck twenty-four 💹


Hats off to these champions for their extraordinary prowess and unwavering commitment! A resounding round of applause to Mr. Ashan Yasiru Gamage, seizing the coveted 1st place and a handsome reward of USDT 600, and to Mr. Gayan Abeyrathne, securing the 2nd spot and USDT 400 in rewards. Kudos to all the participants for their valiant efforts! 💙


Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Binance and the Binance Team—comprising Ishara Abeysinghe(Binance Brand Ambassador-Sri Lanka & Binance Arc Angle), Urvashi(Binance-South Asia), Jack(Binance Global-Futures Trading), Lee(Binance-South Asia), Naleer(Binance Angle-Sri Lanka) and Aman(Binance Angle-Sri Lanka) for orchestrating such transformative events that foster crypto enlightenment among Sri Lankans. We deeply appreciate your dedication! 💙


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