This Academy Student Agreement ("Agreement") is an extension of the existing terms and conditions outlined in the Master Trading Academy (Pvt) Ltd Student Agreement. By agreeing to this document, students acknowledge the following additional conditions:

  1. I understand and agree that unauthorized access to the student portal is strictly prohibited. Any student found guilty of providing access to a third party will face termination of their membership followed by legal action.

  2. I acknowledge that the personal details provided at the time of registration must be accurate. Providing false information will result in the termination of my membership and legal action.

  3. I agree to treat all individuals, including students, lecturers, and administrators, with respect.

  4. I understand that all materials published in the student portal may be protected by copyrights, intellectual property acts, and other binding laws. As such, any copying, modifying, displaying publicly or otherwise, and distributing of such material in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

  5. I acknowledge that Master Trading Academy may publish training material in the student portal for my use. However, I must enter into an agreement with Master Trading Academy authorizing such use explicitly, indicating the extent of the usage.

  6. I understand that I will be added to all social media platforms of Master Trading Academy and that my agreement to abide by the group's terms and conditions is implied.

  7. I understand that when using Master Trading Academy's social media platforms, I must only post content and material that are relevant to the particular group. Posting irrelevant content, spamming, and external group links will result in my post being permanently deleted and may lead to my being banned from all platforms.

  8. I understand that I must not share Master Trading Academy's internal information with any third-party personnel, websites, or groups.

  9. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to participate in relevant sessions on time. Failure to attend a session without prior notice may result in me being unable to rejoin the same session of a different batch. The administrators may also remove me from participating via unauthorized logins.

  10. I understand that I am strictly prohibited from promoting other courses offered by different academies, referral programs, pyramid schemes, signal channels, or any other forms of engagement that involve significant risks by contacting group members personally. Non-compliance may result in the termination of my membership, which will be announced publicly in all Master Trading Academy member groups, pages, and the Master Trading Academy website.

  11. I understand that Master Trading Academy is not liable for any losses incurred in financial terms or otherwise. The materials provided are strictly for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice to make a financial decision.

  12. Session Attendance and Completion:
    - Students are fully responsible for actively participating in all scheduled sessions and completing their education program as per the curriculum. In the event of missing a live session, students can cover the content via video recording on their dedicated student portal. The Academy will provide two views for each recorded session.

  13. Live Session Participation Recommendation:
    - While video recordings are available, it is strongly recommended that students make every effort to attend live sessions. Active participation in real-time enhances the overall learning experience.

  14. Session Viewing and Pre-requisite:
    - Students are required to watch and complete their previous session before the next scheduled session. This ensures continuity in learning and maximizes the benefits of the educational program.

  15. Examinations and Certification:
    - Successful completion of all prescribed examinations is a crucial component of the educational program. Students are fully responsible for preparing and taking these exams. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded the relevant certification.

  16. Responsibility of the Student:
    - Students acknowledge and agree that they are fully responsible for their education, including session attendance, completion of coursework, and success in examinations. This responsibility extends to adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. In cases where a student misses a course batch due to a reasonable issue, the Academy will facilitate their transfer to the next available batch. However, this transfer will be permitted only once, and the student must complete the course in the rescheduled batch.

    By continuing enrollment in the Academy, the student acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with both the original terms and the additional conditions specified in this Agreement. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in consequences, including but not limited to termination of enrollment.